Black Cat Bikinis, specializing in modern and retro/vintage-inspired custom swimwear, are handcrafted in a small studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, using the finest fabrics, elastics, and embellishments available on the market. Catering to the most daring to the most conservative consumer, Black Cat Bikinis offer styles to accommodate just about everyone. We also cater to pageant contestants and fitness competitors.

Growing up on the on the east coast of Florida, self-taught designer and seamstress Joanna Borres is no stranger to swimwear. As a teenager she always had difficulty finding a swimsuit to fit her properly. Bikini bottoms would come up too high and would have too much coverage, and one pieces were too long, which always meant having to have them altered. Having a passion for fashion and always in need of altering store bought suits, she decided to start creating her own bikinis for herself and her friends, then eventually working as a seamstress for various designers. Working in the industry, she discovered that so many other women had issues finding suits to fit them properly. 

Joanna founded Black Cat Bikinis so that she could offer women well-made, hand-crafted, custom swimwear not only for women like herself that are smaller than the average woman, but for women that are larger than the average woman, and the hard-to-fit woman. She creates all of her patterns, so she can make any size. No longer do super petite ladies need to shop in the little girl's department, and no longer do super curvy ladies need to shop in the granny department because Black Cat Bikinis offers sexy, stylish swimwear for everyone- big, small, and in between. Joanna has melded her love of Old Florida, mid-century, tiki, Polynesian pop, classic hot rods, pin up gals, and created this fusion of retro-modern style swimwear. We hope you'll enjoy them!